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The Team

Authors, Curators, and Editors

Prof Karma Nabulsi, University of Oxford

Prof Abdel Razzaq Takriti, University of Houston


Academic Board

Prof Jamil Hilal, Bir Zeit University

Prof Bayan al Hout, Lebanese University

Prof Nayef Abu Khalaf, An-Najah National University

Suhail Natour, Human Development Center, Beirut

Muna Nsouli, Institute for Palestine Studies Library, Beirut

Dr Gregory Houston, South African Democracy Education Trust (SADET) and Human Sciences Research Council


Workshop Participants at Oxford University; IPS Library, Beirut; An- Najah National University, Nablus.

Prof Sudhir Hazareesingh, University of Oxford

Dr Faiha Abdel Hadi, UNESCO, Palestinian Women’s Research and Documentation Centre

Prof Elias Khoury, New York University; Institute for Palestine Studies, Beirut

Rt Hon Ronnie Kasrils, Former South African Minister for Intelligence Services

Prof Marc Stears, University of Oxford

Prof Jocelyn Alexander, University of Oxford

Anan Hamad, Bethlehem University

Prof Neil MacFarlane, University of Oxford

Dr Reem Abou El Fadl, SOAS

Prof Nancy Bermeo, University of Oxford

Prof Masoud Ighbarieh, An Najah National University

Ghayyath Jazi


Institutional Facilitation

Prof Khalil Hindi, Former President, Bir Zeit University; Prof Maher Natsheh, Acting President, An Najah National University; Mr Orencio Nardo Garcia, Director, Museum of Revolution Havana; Yahya Yakhluf, Sakher Habbash Centre; Dr Fahd Aboul Haj, Abu Jihad Museum for the Prisoners Movement Affairs, Al-Quds University; Najib Qaddoumi, Palestine National Council.


Website Designer

Hafez Omar



Wajih Attalah; Amer Khalil; Mahmoud Halimeh; Hafez Omar;  Prof Maha Nassar, University of Arizona; Dan Walsh, Palestine Poster Project; Dr Sabri Saidam, Palestinian Minister of Education; Dr Nimer Sultany, SOAS; Dr Sana Hamoudeh, Beirut Arab University; Dr Mahdi Abdel Hadi, PASSIA.


Project Researchers and Administrators

Elizabeth Leigh, Sirine Rached, Ahmed Ziat, Jessica Hollows


Additional Translations

Hannah Massih,  Sara Abdel Halim, Faris Giacaman, Majd Mohsen, Mahmood Almahmood, Zahra Khalidi, Perween Richards, Lindsay Munford, Lauren Pyott, Jonathan Wright, Dima Charif. with contributions from: Maan Abu Taleb and Marwa Farag, Dr Fadi Joudah, Hind Awad.


Transcription and Proofreading:

Ahmed Ziat, Saleem Lubbad, Rama Mar’i; Hala Marshood, Danyah Rabie, Emily Churchill Zaraa, Joe Hayns, Randa Wahbe, Akram Salhab, Rayan Fakhoury


Web Programmer and Developer   

Omran Shagooj


Production support and research

Akram Salhab, Mahmoud Halimeh, Masa Takriti, Mjriam Abu Samra


Videos and Subtitling

Marwan Salem, Hafez Omar, Bader Takriti, Basel El Haj, Sara Swetzoff, Samer Salameh


University Support Staff

Jane Gover, Katie Shaw, Janice French, Kate Candy, Liz Greenlaugh, Charlie Game.



Stephen Kavanagh and team.


Note from the Editors: As a collective endeavour, this digital resource has developed with contributions from a number of volunteers over the years, and some names are yet to be added, while some wish to stay anonymous. As an ongoing project, this list will be constantly growing. We wish to warmly thank everyone who has contributed up until now, as well as all those to come.


Project Director: Karma Nabulsi.